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CT OEM Changer 1.0

Perfect tool that allows one to change all the information of your computer
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Generally, we buy a computer from a store, bring it home and start using it. Now, we say that “it’s my computer” but in the computer system, it might happen that the owner name is not entered. At times it may happen that the name of the computer owner is written wrong and one might not know how to change the name. Now, with CT OEM Changer, you can easily change some internal information of your computer. Not only change the owner’s name but also have your name in place of computer manufacturer. Create your own organization and apply your name to the computer organization; you can also give your name to the computer model. Last but not the least, have your own desired computer logo in the format of .bmp file. This tool allows to preview all this edited information with just one click. CT OEM Changer gives you full authority to make your personal computer completely personal. This software provides the information about itself that helps you to understand your software more and take maximum benefit out it. This tool also provides one click connectivity to the developer’s mailing list to keep track of updates.

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  • Freeware
  • Inbuilt help files
  • Instant preview
  • Allows multiple editing


  • Allows only .bmp file to upload as logo
  • Not all the information is changed
  • Needs registered owner and organization
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